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Progress into clinical trials and an increasing demand for AAV gene therapy vectors is creating a high demand for the efficient production of high yields, high purity and high quality AAV particles in clinical scale quantities. 

A comprehensive monitoring of VP1, VP2, and VP3 protein concentrations and their molar ratios is an effective tool to monitor the potency and the correct assembly early on in the production process. It can also be used as in-process control during production and optimization of yield, to ensure a consistently high-quality final AAV gene therapy product. 

Available for AAV2, AAV5, AAV6, AAV8 and AAV9.

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AAV VP Capsid Protein 
Standard Benefits

Achieve high efficiency: Monitoring VP1, VP2, and VP3 protein concentrations and their molar ratios is an effective tool to ensure initial optimization and consistent quality of your final AAV gene therapy products. 

Ensure comparability: Create individual mixtures of VP1, VP2 and VP3 with a precise molar ratio e.g. 1:1:10 to compare the protein composition of your samples using protein detection methods.

Pick and mix: Available individually or as a recombinant serotype specific VP1-3 capsid protein set so you can use your VP Capsid Proteins in whichever way suits your process best.

Flexible use for a variety of applications:  Provided concentrations are suitable for use in several applications including western blot, dot blot, capillary electopheresis and SDS PAGE.

Easy-to-use: Liquid formulation makes it easy to integrate the VP Capsid Protein Standards into your AAV project workflow.

Off-the-shelf: A ready-to-use and off-the shelf product, making sure your waiting time is as minimal as possible.

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AAV2 VP Protein Standards and their use in Quantifiying Capsid Protein Ratio by Western Blot and Simple Western

Here we introduce PROGEN´s recombinant VP standards used with Simple Western™ automated capillary electrophoresis in fit-for-purpose solutions for VP capsid protein ratio and viral protein titer measurements.

We further show the establishment of the AAV2 VP protein standards by PROGEN as well as the assay performance data that demonstrates linearity and high sensitivity in an automated workflow optimized for AAV samples.

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