Analyzing biological markers

pathogen specific antibodies and aggregation factors

Diagnostic assays are used to analyze specific biological markers for diagnosis or monitoring of risk factors, diseases and in case of personalized medicine to select the suitable therapy for individual patients. Available diagnostic assays are commonly used for infectious diseases, oncology, coagulation and pharmagenomics.   

PROGEN offers a selection of research use only (RUO) tests which are based on ELISA technology and IFT/IFA. Our product portfolio includes assays for the detection of pathogen specific antibodies like Borrelia or Hantavirus antibodies as well as ADP, collagen and ristocetin for measurement of platelet aggregation.  

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Top Selling Diagnostic Assays

Cat. No: 7701075
ELISA for quantitative determination of antibodies against TBE virus in different species eg. dog, horse, cattle.

Ristocetin 25 mg
Cat. No: 311502D
Ristocetin for measurement of ristocetin-induced platelet aggregation.
Only available in EU and EFTA!


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