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Beside our portfolio of reliable and highly published antibodies, PROGEN also provides a selection of antibody based and related products. Our antigens and controls consist of purified proteins and specific validated cell lysates that can be used as controls in different application such as western blot or ELISA. Additionally, we offer specific IHC staining solutions which are highly sensitive and carefully synchronized.

Our proflo His-tag quick tests enable fast and easy detection of recombinant His-tag proteins for monitoring small-scale experiments, during your scale-up procedure as well as your actual purification process.

PROGEN´s well-established phage display technology, Hyperphage, allowing functional gene analysis and proteomics and the improvement of universal libraries for antibody isolation. We further provide in vitro diagnostic (IVD) assays as well as research use only (RUO) tests for the detection of pathogen specific antibodies from sera based on ELISA and IFT/IFA technology. 

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Hyperphage M13 KO7ΔpIII (5x 2 ml)
Quantity: 5x2 ml (lyoph.)
  • Helper phage for phage display
  • Tool for isolation of recombinant antibodies, proteins and peptides
  • Increased panning efficiency
  • Panning with reduced amount of panning antigen
  • Identification of high and low affinity binders 

Variants from $135.00*
proflo His-tag quick test
  • Competitive immuno-chromatographic test
  • Detection of histidine-tagged recombinant proteins
  • Samples: cell lysates or purified protein preparations

Neurofilament 68 kDa, bovine, 250 µg
Cat. No: 62008
Quantity: 250 µg
  • Purified bovine neurofilament 68 kDa
  • Protein standard

Variants from $351.00*

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