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AAV ELISA controls can be used as positive controls with the corresponding AAV ELISAs. They consist of fully assembled, empty AAV particles and have been characterized according to our internally established reference standard material or in the case of AAV2 and AAV8 according to international reference standards. 

Available for AAV1, AAV2, AAV3, AAV5, AAV6, AAV8, AAV9, AAVrh10 and AAVrh74.

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Figure 1: Available Serotypes and their Concentration Range in capsids/ml 

1.2E+09 - 2.0E+09 1.7E+09 - 2.8E+09 1.1E+09 - 1.9E+09  7.9E+09 - 1.3E+10



2.0E+09 - 3.3E+09 3.8E+08 - 6.3E+08 9.0E+08 - 1.5E+09

AAV ELISA Control Benefits

  • Easy-to-use: ELISA controls are fully assembled empty AAV particles optimized for use with PROGEN's AAV ELISAs. Pipetting is made easy with the included kit dye. 

  • Accurate Match: Available for a range of serotypes, corresponding to the AAV ELISA portfolio.

  • Timesaver: No need to produce a control yourself. The ELISA Controls are the correct serotype-specific conformational epitopes with defined capsid titers. Meaning you couldn't have a better fitting assay control.

  • Quality controlled: ELISA Controls have to pass PROGEN's established QC standards based on our internal reference standard material containing a GFP reporter gene. Our reference standards have been characterized by qPCR & ddPCR (DNA quantification) as well as electron microscopy including negative stain EM and cryo EM (ratio of full to empty capsids).

  • Off-the-shelf: A ready-to-use and off-the shelf product, ensuring your waiting time is as minimal as possible.


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Empty Capsids vs ELISA Controls

Take a look at the table below to find out which reference standard is most suitable for your application. 

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