Easy-to-use high-quality AAV analytical tools giving you reliable and reproducible results

We know that AAV holds immense promise in revolutionizing healthcare and providing solutions for a multitude of genetic disorders. But, it is not without its challenges. Grappling with complicated issues such as enabling comparability and ensuring therapeutic efficacy, whilst navigating the ever-changing regulatory hurdles is challenging for all the AAV community. 

To support you on this journey we offer a growing portfolio of high-quality easy-to-use AAV analytical tools to ensure you can bring solutions to those suffering from poor health and affected by disease every day. Our AAV products are designed to be easy-to implement, require little or minimum training, affordable and available immediately to accelerate research, streamline production, and bring transformative therapies to those in need.

Discover how PROGEN's AAV analytical tools can support you on your next AAV project.

AAV Tools at a Glance

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AAV Analytical Tools Portfolio

Take a look at our AAV Catalogue for an easy overview of our high-quality, reliable and easy-to use AAV analytical tools for your next AAV project. 

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