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Rapid AAV Titer Determination

A quick and easy in-process control for AAV capsid purification processes or analytical pre-testing. PROGEN’s Dip’n’Check AAV is a lateral flow sandwich assay for the semi-quantitative detection of fully assembled AAV capsids using serotype-specific antibodies. 

Product features include: 

  • Reliable in-process control - during AAV manufacturing or to analyze further downstream processes

  • Fast results - 20 minutes from start to finish

  • Easy to use - for a rapid estimate and comparison of AAV capsid titers

  • Suitable for all preparations - crude lysate or purified AAV material

  • Serotype-specific - analyze binding affinity of AAV particle antibodies to AAV capsid variants

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Lateral Flow Tests

How it works

Lateral flow tests are based on the passage of a liquid sample through a series of capillary beds driven by capillary forces. The analysis of the presence of a specific substance in the sample follows the same principal as the affinity chromatography. 

The surface of the tests contains reactive molecules that show either a positive or negative visual result depending on the presence or absence of the substance. Lateral flow tests generally use specific conjugates usually consisting of an antibody specifically binding the target molecule labelled with a visual tag, e.g. colloidal gold.

The samples to be analyzed are pre-incubated with the conjugates before the application of the sample to the test strip. 

 After the conjugate binds to the target molecule, the complex migrates further along the test strip until reaching the test line containing an immobilized reagent to capture the target-conjugate complex. With the binding of the complex, the visual tag accumulates at the test line and shows a visual change. 

In the case of the Dip´n´Check AAV a purple-red color confirms the presence of the target molecule. In contrast to the test line, the control line should appear independently of the presence of the target molecule to confirm the validity of the test.

  physical titer pic

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Dip'n'Check Test

A Four Step Workflow

The AAV sample is pre-incubated with two differently conjugated AAV antibodies to allow coupling of the gold conjugate and for immobilization at the test line. The two antibody solutions contain the same antibody but labelled with two different conjugates. 

The antibodies used for the Dip´n´Check AAV kits are serotype-specific AAV particle antibodies exclusively binding to fully assembled AAV capsids. Both AAV antibody conjugates delivered with this test are mixed in equal volumes with running buffer and the AAV sample, and incubated for 10 min to allow binding of the antibodies. 

The test strip is then placed in the solution to allow complex formation with the gold nanoparticles at the conjugate pad and further migration by capillary force to the test and control lines. 

The Dip´n´Check AAV quick test is a semi-quantitative assay with a detection range of 1.0E+08 – 1.0E+10 capsids. Within this range, a 2-fold concentration difference can clearly be detected. There is no difference in the antibody affinity to empty and full capsids.

physical titer pic

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AAV Particle Antibodies

Serotype Specificity

The AAV antibodies used for our Dip´n´Check AAV assays are exclusive, serotype-specific AAV antibodies. All of the antibodies used for the test kits recognize conformational epitopes only present at the surface of fully assembled, intact AAV particles. 

Each kit uses the same antibody with two different labels. While the first label allows the binding of the gold conjugate to the AAV particles the second label induces the immobilization of the gold labeled particles at the test line.

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What customers are saying

"Dip'n'Check AAV Kits from PROGEN are very easy to use.
Semi-quantative readout by analysing strips with image analysis software tracked
extremely well with qPCR-based viral genome titer assays in our hands."

Tomasz Witkos, AstraZeneca

"For rapid confirmation of AAV production,
the PROGEN Dip'n'Check Strips are fantastic."

Analytics Team Leader

"These Test strips were a perfect way to confirm which
PROGEN ELISA kit to use when dealing with serotypes that have variations.”"


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AlphaLISA® AAV2 Capsid Detection Kit

PerkinElmer has integrated PROGEN’s well-established AAV2 particle antibody A20R into their no-wash AlphaLISA® assay technology. The AlphaLISA® AAV2 Capsid Detection Kit is designed to quantify AAV2 capsids in buffer, cell culture media, cell lysates and cell supernatants.

PROGEN’s A20R antibody exclusively detects fully assembled, intact AAV2 capsids, providing an efficient and reliable quantification of the overall AAV2 capsid titer.

A20R capsid antibody

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